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Sam Seo

Since 2022, COB EM has been supporting our missionary, Samuel Seo. When Sam came to Chicago to study in person at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, he served COB EM in our worship team and preached the Word of God at several services. Upon his return to Bogota, Colombia, which is Sam's mission field, COB EM decided to support him as our missionary.

Sam's missions work comprises several parts: 1) Serving a Spanish-speaking congregation near Bogota as one of the pastors, 2) operating a free online theological seminary in Spanish, and 3) creating devotional content for youtube. All are extremely important ministries for sharing the gospel in Spanish-speaking countries. We ask you to join us in praying for Sam's ministry. 

You can find out more about Sam through these links:

Sam's July 2022 - Dec 2022 Mission Report

Sam's academic credentials

The theological seminary Sam has an integral role in running.

The youtube page of video devotionals that Sam helps to create.

If you wish to support Sam financially, please support him through his Zelle account:

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My Story

While my family is from South Korea, most of my life has been spent overseas. My parents began their mission work when I was six when we moved to the United Arab Emirates and then to Colombia, South America, when I was ten. Near the end of my high school years, I was blessed with the opportunity to complete my last year of high school and then study at a private Christian university in the U.S. My years after college continued to consist of travels, especially between Colombia, Korea, and the U.S.


Throughout this journey, however, I have always wanted to work in the mission field, thanks to my parents’ excellent example. Their outstanding work was noticed not only by me but also publically by others as the recipients of the Underwood Award in 2007 at Yonsei University. Since middle school, I have always believed that continuing in my parents’ ministerial footsteps was God’s calling for me. 


God reconfirmed this calling for me while I was working a secular job through His powerful disciplinary intervention. It was also at this time that I was finally able to make Christ my utmost dependence of all, a moment where I experienced the “peace of God that surpasses all understanding” (Phil. 4:7). I decided to end my work in the secular field and begin preparing to serve in ministry by first pursuing a biblical education in seminary. I moved to Dallas, TX, to pursue a theological education. Then, soon after, I returned to Colombia. I currently serve the local congregation and the online theological education ministry of Iglesia Gozo Eterno (Eternal Joy Church), located in the remote mountains of Boyacá, Colombia.

Contact Sam

Please pray for Sam's mission work in Colombia. You can reach him here:

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